Lost Your Data? Don't worry,We can help you

Data recovery is the process of salvaging and handling the data through the data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally.

Digital Media Recovery

Digital-MediaWe’ve got your Flash covered. We recover from all types of digital media including Memory Stick, SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Micro Drives, all types of SD cards, XD cards, MMC, USB flash drives and any other type of flash storage media. Our recovery service can recover any and all types of data. If you have accidentally deleted data files, images, videos or audio files from your media, formatted or pulled out the media during a write process we can recover your files and get your data back.



Server Raid Recovery

Recovering data from servers that have crashed or become inoperable. Regardless of the reason for the data loss, or whether it has been stored for commercial or non-commercial reasons, our team of server recovery specialists, tried & tested data recovery tools and techniques, and market-leading data recovery facilities offers the best possible route to recovering your data.

Nas Data Recovery

Realtime-dxb offers 24/7 data recovery services for failed and damaged NAS storage systems. We are the only provider of storage data recovery services working directly with vendors of DAS, SAN and NAS storage systems. Our Data Recovery service is the fastest and most secure way to recover and restore lost data from inaccessible file shares, volume LUNs, or iSCSI LUNs and more.

Hard-Drive-RecoveryHard Drive Recovery

We recover data from hard drives that have crashed, been damaged or have experienced a damage. We offer world-leading solutions and multiple service options for all types of hard drive recovery needs. From SATA, SCSI, SAS, to Fibre Channel, single hard drive or multiple RAID drives any make, model or brand.

SSD-RecoverySSD Recovery

We take pride in strong strategic technical relationships with leading SSD manufacturers across the world. We help our clients as well as our customers to experience successful data recoveries on SSD and NAND flash-based storage peripherals. We take utmost advantage of our in-depth industry toolkits and equipments – ensuring highest data recovery success rate while sustaining and strengthening the integrity of the information restored.