We offer following Security solutions


We provide complete setup of VPN solution for small to corporate clients. Virtual Private Networks “VPN’s” is a relatively new technology that allows for a business to create a “Virtual” computer network between two or more locations. The VPN allows for the secure sharing of databases, files, folders as well as telephone connections. VPN’s are becoming very popular because there are no ongoing monthly expenses associated with a VPN and they are a secure way for remote offices to securely access user data.

Many business owners are creating these “virtual networks” between their business and home offices in order to allow the ability to efficiently work from home. Parents are also very fond of this feature since they can now stay home with their children while staying caught up with their responsibilities at the office. This virtual connection to the office means that business owners are only a few keystrokes away from all of their critical data.

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Ac-300 is a premium fingerprint reader for access control and time attendance management. Ac-300 uses the state-of-the-art American u. Are. U optical sensor and an advance algorithm to ensure excellent reliability and matching speed.

  • U. Are. U sensor for enhanced fingerprint identification
  • Advance algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed, achieving matching time of
  • Support 360-degree rotation identification
  • embedded web server, which allows management of the device via an internet web browser. The device can be accessed by simply keying in the device IP address onto the web browser
  • comes with access control + time attendance software
  • Ability to send short messages to user
  • Anti-dismantle alarm and intruder alarm, door bell connection.
  • Supports wiegand 26-bit or user-defined output
  • Option for ris (remote identification system) support, which means the matching speed can reach a stunning 7000 matches in one second on the server.

Access Cards

We provide the complete access card control system for door access, attendance etc, we print design, vending and copy the access cards as per the custom need.


Access Cards